Saturday, September 17, 2011

September in the Garden: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

September.  It always starts out summer day hot, and always ends in chilly morning frost here in our corner of New England.

In the garden, it is the best of times.  It can also be downright Ugly.

The tomatoes are trying to do everything at once.  They are at death's door and they know it; they hang on for just one more day of warm sun.  Most of the leaves on the vines have succumbed to whatever ill has come through, yet the ends are still alive and growing and setting fruit.

Below:  from the Pantry's Giving Garden.  
These will continue to ripen and will be delivered as they turn. 
There is double that amount still waiting for harvest.

Give 'em a week.  They are still looking healthy.  


It is a gamble, the picking game.
Too early, they won't turn.
Too late, they'll spot or crack.
Too cold, they will liquefy.

Last week's delivery was this:

Today's, a bit smaller:

It will dwindle to nothing soon.  

Come on, Garden.  Keep cranking those veggies out. 

I think you are beautiful.

Ugly at times:

 but mostly beautiful.

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