Sunday, March 18, 2012

Peas, and Thank You!

Franklin's Steve Sherlock joined us for the "Give Peas a Chance" event and shared it on the Franklin Matters website, please hop over and take a look!

It was a great day to say hello to old friends, meet new ones, and get inspired to get growing.

Garden Coordinator Chris Clay spoke about planting and trellis options while his son Gabe happily poked peas into the rich, dark, and crumbly soil  in the Franklin Food Pantry's Giving Garden bed.

Many folks took advantage of the free pea seed, and there is more seed coming from our Friends at American Meadows in Vermont.  We'll be sure to make seed available to anyone who would like to grow some and will announce the next distribution on this site and on our Facebook page.

Would you please consider growing extra produce this year to share?
Donate it to the The Franklin Food Pantry! (or your local food pantry, for our readers from out of town.)
There will be more info about the FFP and their fresh produce initiative in the upcoming days, stay tuned.

If you do not have garden space in the ground where you are, peas will happily grow in containers.

No space at home?  There's always your workplace---consider starting a community garden with your co-workers.  Even with only a couple of containers you can grow a lot more than you think! No excuse not to.
Just saying.

Thank you all for Giving peas a chance!

In awe of all the awesomeness of the day,

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