Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Land committee: We're on for Sunday, October 17th

Meetup for the land committee is planned this Sunday, at Noon, at the King Street Playground.  We will meet near the basketball court.

Going to look at space there, then travel on up Washington Street to the vacant lot before the Temple, the one with boulders and a metal gate. 

Those two are town-owned.  Need to see if we can make it work for a community garden, make our lists.

Have 4 others to visit, on private property, just waiting for an official "ok" to walk around.  People have to talk with people, and we are in limbo 4 ways.  Got some great garden ambassadors out there, and they are working on it.  Some things take time and are worth waiting for, so just think good thoughts and cross your fingers!


  1. All right! Sounds like you have a lot of great possibilities lined up! I'm sorry to hear that the last site turned out to be unsuitable. Here's hoping there's a winner in this batch!

  2. Have you spoken with the Town Planner, Beth Dahlstrom yet? She coordinates the agenda for the Public Land Use Committee of which I am a member. Having a Community Garden is one of the mandates that the committee has set forth for the town to fund through the Public Land Use Fund. If you are looking for A) Town Land to utilize or B) Private Land to purchase for this purpose, as well as funding to get started, then you should definitely speak with Beth if you have not already.

  3. Hi Tim,
    Yes I did contact Beth late summer, I did read the 2008 Open Space Plan and was hoping she could help us. We exchanged some emails and she referred me to the Town Administrator's office. Jeff Nutting was a big help in identifying possible municipal and private spots.