Friday, August 27, 2010

Welcome to the blog. Let's make some garden plans!

This is a place to dream big and do big.

How about it, Franklin?  Can we do this?

Sure we can. 

Let's make a real Community Garden:

A place for you to plant a garden in the sunshine,

grow things,

eat those things that you grow,

give away what you have extra of.
Share and learn.

Meet your neighbors. 

Eat healthier. 

A meeting is being planned in September at the Franklin YMCA, watch this blog and area newspapers for details!


  1. Hello neighbor! I am intrigued. I already have more garden than I can manage, but I do want to be more involved in my community. What are your plans? Is this a part of the Franklin Garden Club?


  2. Pleased to meet you!
    Actually it is phase 2 of the existing community gardens here, the cooperative raised beds around town that have been blogged about over at Franklin Matters.
    This next effort will truly be all hands on deck and I am very excited to be involved. Stay tuned!